s. d. mack pictures Steve Mack has been a photographer from the age of 10. Taught by his uncle, a professional journalistic photographer, Steve Mack began taking pictures professionally of crime scenes for his Lawyer Father. Steve is based in New York City and is a Celebrity Photographer for ManhattanSociety.com, FilmMagic / WireImage / GettyImages in New York. Clients include (NYC-TV) City of New York Television, The (NFCR) National Foundation for Cancer Research, The (IAEA) International Atomic Energy Agency and many more.
Steve shoots special events, editorial photography and has been published in numerous magazines domestic and international, including Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine. Name: Steve MackPhone: (917) 202-4358
Location: , New York NY
Starting Price: $1,200.00 Photography Style: Blend of Styles Format: Digital Only Service Areas: Tri State area of NY, NJ, CT
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